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Food that can kill

  • The water runs right through you.

    Votes: 4 12.5%
  • You put what in the dogon juice?

    Votes: 1 3.1%
  • Wagasi the fast lane to TB.

    Votes: 1 3.1%
  • Sewer sandwich suprise.

    Votes: 20 62.5%
  • The concrete bag and the little bird.

    Votes: 2 6.3%
  • Jaw soup.

    Votes: 4 12.5%

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Well I haven't been up to standards lately. Work has been beating me down. Long hours. Too many days without a day off etc... No this isn't a life sucks thread. I was just sitting here thinking that there hasn't been enough threads about disturbing food/drink. So I am going to post a poll. The poll will concern items from my trip to Benin, Mali and Burkina Faso West Africa a few years back. If the food/drinks there arn't enough to disturb or gross you out then I give up. So vote and and I will spin the disgusting/disturbing tail of food and drink.


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Awww who doesn't want to hear about the sewer sandwich surprise! So many possibilities!
Ok ok you want to hear about the sewer sandwich. I will post it here in a bit when I got some time. Actually it is a good starting point as it was like African Food 101. It helped perpare me for the next 3 weeks of gastronomic bombs to come. Got a little bit of work to knock out and it will be on.


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cryptrocket said:
Ok ok you want to hear about the sewer sandwich. I will post it here in a bit when I got some time. Actually it is a good starting point as it was like African Food 101. It helped perpare me for the next 3 weeks of gastronomic bombs to come. Got a little bit of work to knock out and it will be on.
hey! that aint fair, you get us all excited and then dont tell us!? BAN HIM!!!:p
Ok here goes it. Sorry about not posting the storie earlier but I had work to do.

Some back ground on the situation. My girlfriend at the time had completer her Bachlors in agraculture and was off to Benin West Africa for the Peace Corps. She had been there for almost 2 years when our schedules permitted me to fly out and spend time with her there.

One of her constant bitches was the food situation... or the state of her bowels and the Amobias that were living in them (the water runs right through it).

So when I finall flew in we stayed at a hotel for the first 2 nights while we started getting Visas to go north up to Mali. The first night we ate at the hotel and she informed me to enjoy it as it would be my last good meal in the forseeable future.

The first day we were running around the city getting supplies, transportation, visas and shit from the corps office. The streets there are crowded with people, cars, mopeds (no EPA laws). The average gas station is a table full of glass jars of gas (pirated from nigeria) full of gas (a pyros dream). Everything is dirty and there are flys and trash everywhere. Little kids are comming up to you ccalling you Yovo (whitie) and going "cado cado" holding thier hands out. Cado is gift.

The side walks there are different than in America. Instead of having a drain every so often in them on the road the sidewalks are like concrete slats. Inbetween every slat is a 1-2 inch gap to allow for water drainage... (this is important later)

So we have been running around all morning and I can already scrape the layer of dirt, sweat and car exhaust off of me with my fingernails. We stop at a sandwich stand right outside of the Yovo Supermarket (the rich white people shop there). It looks like a low tech hot dog cart but with better stuff. Fresh french bread, sprouts, tomatos, potato salad lots of veggies. So Heather gets this awesom veggie sandwich looking thing. I get the same. We then troop off to the Corps office so she can get a little work done and we can chill in some A/C and eat.

So we are kicking it in the rec room eating and one of the other PC girls comes in. She is like so this is the guy that was comming in to see you blah blah... She looks at me and is like how long have you been here? Im like since last night. She looks at Heather and is like and you are feeding him a Sewer Sandwich on his first day here? I stop eating.

She starts explaining to me that the concrete slats are not only for drainage but go directly into the sewer system (human sewage). That the system for the most part is an op[en system and the flies buzzing around fly down into the sewers and feast on what ever chunk is floating around, fly back out, go and perch on the yummy looking bit of potato salad, go back down for some more .... and the flies are fucking every where. To compound matters there were Apt buildings right behind the little sandwich stand and the sewage system ran right inbetween them. There waas no glass or anything protecting the food from the flies just some disinterested kid with a fan kinda shooshing them away. Needless to say I finnished my sandwich and didn't die. I did start to realise that this waas the most advanced city I was going to be in for the next 3 weeks and it was only going to go down hill.

Sorry that took so long. I will try to keep it shorter next time and the next one only gets better.

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Ewwwwww... and she didn't tell you!


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
Bet it tasted great.:sickpuke:


yum yum. Poopie for breakfast-what could be better?
that's sick... and to think that the peeps who live there are eating worse then that.
Ok Africa part 2.
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to this. One of my kids at work trashed his rotator cup and it has tremendously increased my work load... so I think I left off with finishing up the Sewer sandwich.

So we secure transportation (if you can call it that). It is a French Peugeot. Let me tell you it was not in the best of shape. We had one window that would not roll down (not sure if that was good or bad) No A/C. A psychotic driver. It was great. Heather and I reserved the entire car so that I could get broken into African travel nice and easy (real African travel is soon to come). I had already experienced the Zimijhons which are the moped taxis to get you around in over crowded city streets with no traffic laws... But I was getting prepped for bush taxis. They are a totally different animal.

Brief interlude. There are 3 major tribes of people in Benin. Bariba (located in the south), Fawn (located in the north) and Falawnie (nomadic). Something like 90 % of the slave trade came from Benin. The "educated" Bariba sold the Fawn "savage Northerners" into slavery. The religion of the Fawn is now what is called Voodoo. So Benin is the home of voodoo. It is now mixed with Catholic and Muslim faiths. For all intents and purposes the Bariba and Fawn still dislike each other.... and both look down on the nomadic herders of the Falawnie.

So we pick up our Visas, drop off baggage she doesn't need at the Corps office, get our shit and go. When I say go we are traveling hundreds of miles down a well maintained interstate (i.e.. dirt road that has been beat up after a rainy season). We have no A/C so all 3 windows are open and bandannas are wrapped around our noses and mouths to keep from breathing too much of the nasty red dust. It stains the skin an interesting color after a few days of this. We stop about half way there (there being Ouagadougou capital city of Burkina Faso) for lunch. This is my first real encounter with the food.
We have stopped at this little slab of concrete surrounded by a sea of trash filled mud puddles. The flies are numerous and aggressive. The food consisted of beans, this powdered corns stuff on top and a red sauce (I think you can call it that). For 35 cents I am not complaining. We find a seat on the back side of the slab with a view of lake mud puddle that happens to have 3 resident Vultures splashing around eyeing me as if I am hopefully going to be lunch. The food was ok. Our dining companions were not. We eat. We shop for last minute supplies. We find a hole to piss in. We go. we still have a long way to travel with many a police check point and a border to cross. If the sun sets on us on this Highway before we get to Burkina Faso we may be in trouble. The Nigerians like coming across the border and hijacking/robbing cars at night.
We make it in rather uneventfully. The driver drops us off at a "hotel" It is more like a shack with a fan and a bathroom. The fan isn't strong enough to keep the mosquitoes at bay. So we have to use the mosquito net. Not sure how many of you have slept under one of these with or without someone but they are fucking hot. No amount of fan power will circulate the air under a net. It sucked. Even though I was taking Methiquin to prevent Malaria I still don't like being a feast for the bugs (that think 99% pure Deet is a cocktail). Speaking of which I haven't covered the rest of the bug problem;
Well there is a fly that will lay its eggs on damp clothing (just washed hanging out to dry kind). The eggs have a 24-72 hour incubation period. If you happen to be wearing the clothing when they hatch the larva will burrow into your skin giving you this viscous rash. They will then feast on some arm or leg or stomach or whatever meat for about 2 weeks creating a ungodly itching sensation. After 2 weeks or so they will leave the body enmass taking a 2 - 3 inch area of skin and shredding it on the way out. Also there is the threat of Amoebic and bacterial dysentery. So I was drinking Tang flavored Iodine water for weeks.
Well Ouaga is fairly uneventful. We are again working on Visas and transportation (this time to Mali). There for some strange reason is an American Rec center there with real American food. Heather is ecstatic. I have been given a reprieve from local food for 1 more day. When we leave out it is in true style. We found a Bush taxi. We waited for hours for it to fill up. We go. The Taxi is another Peugeot (in far worse condition). We are rolling deep. 2 marsha mammas (large women) in the back with me Heather and some dude. 3 people up front with some chickens with the driver. 2 Baby goats in the trunk (screaming the whole way) shitting on our bags. About 4 feet of stuff lashed to the top of the car. Off we go on another hundreds of mile journey down some dusty red roads. This time we have company....


tell us more! this is fascinating....


Awesome story, Crypty. Do tell us more. :thumbsup:


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i must say, you've enightened me in many aspects of overseas travel:D
Sorry guys I had some snafu's at work that have end resulteded me being locked away in a cold dark room for the past few weeks. Actually we got hammered with some underway (unexpected) time that rolled right into a thing called LTT (expected, don't ask just know that it sucked). It has eaten up all of my free time for the past 2 weeks. I will start work on another post on my treck through Africa (or Africas treck through me). some time today. :)