Your Favourite Music DVDs


"I'm a Song From The 60s"
Hey All,

I was looking through my DVD collection earlier, and realised that the one genre that I have the most of is music/concert DVDs. I love 'em! It's the fuckin' best to sit down and watch two hours of your favourite bands play in Digital 5.1 surround sound (chemically altered mind-states are optional).

So this thread is about your favourite concert DVDs or movies about music.

Video compilations (ie Weezer - Video Capture Device) DON'T COUNT Only concerts or documentaries/movies about bands.

My Favourites right now:
1. The Band - The Last Waltz - A Martin Scorsese film about the last concert The Band ever played. Cool cinematography, great interviews, and the special guests go on and on... Eric Clapton, The Staples Singers, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Ringo Starr, Dr. John, Muddy Waters, and more. It's essentially a snapshot of one of the last great rock bands of the era, before disco and new wave killed rock.

2. Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live - Anyone who's familiar with Peter Gabriel knows he writes great music and is a fantastic performer. This film, released in 1994 is of a concert in Italy, I believe. Great sound, great songs and a cool stage show - not too scripted or 'rock opera' but just right.

3. Queen - Live at Wembley - From the band that invented Stadium Rock, this is an INCREDIBLE display of their talent, and Freddy Mercury's flamboyant showmanship. Wembley Stadium filled to capacity, holds well over 100,000 people. This concert was part of a three-day SOLD OUT Queen booking. Story goes that Freddy was suffering from bronchitis and his doc told him not to perform but he said fuck it and did anyways (and still wailed on the vocals).

So, what are your favourites and why?

Cheers all,



Jeff Buckley
Deep Purple (rare Germany)
Led Zeppelin - it amazes me how their concert consists of like 4 songs.
few more but I can't think right now.