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Lost Soul
Lost souls of hell

people say hell does not exist.
the greatest trick the devil ever pulled
was convincing the world of this.
well look around, what do you see?
a land surrounded by greed, deception,
need, and destroyed by neglection.
separated by sections
as empty as our own reflections.
overwhelmed by societies corrections,
and obsessed with expectations.
we weren't given this world. we were put here
fore we are the souls of hell.
the damned, the forsaken,
that's who we are. the evil in the dark,
minions in the devils playground park.
the unwanted, hated by the gates of heaven.
the unloved, tortured by the sins of seven.
pain is the only sound we hear.
fear is the only emotion we feel.
our lost souls are corrupt
causing us to destroy, steal,
murder, rape, and kill.
we are the people who never heal.
people plagued with permanent ill.
sickness is what we know.
our ignorance makes us bold,
distracts us while this wasteland turns us cold
confuses us while the devil steals our soul.
we are the walking dead,
and we don’t even know it.
we let it get in our heads,
that hell only exists when we’ve been shown it
nonsense its here on earth.
this is hell, this is our jail,
the world is one giant cell.
there is no way out, no escape,
we will all die here in this place.
but we have no soul to feel deaths pain.
A life without love, we all die in vain.


Well, considering that I really hate you, that wasn't too bad. Sure it's a concept as overused as Paris Hilton's vagina, but I guess I have to say that, hypothetically, in another dimesion where Republicans are used as saves and ice cream is banned in Minnesota, I would like it.