You're NOT Psychic!


Broken said:

Would you ask your mother to send me the winning lotto numbers? I know she can't use her superpowers on herself.. So, I will step up to the plate an bare this burden. Texas Lotto..

Thanks and I will buy her a nice big chanting candle for her troubles. I can also get her a sweet deal on hogs wort, and road lizard oil.

She tried that once, using the well known ancient chinese technique of having an enlightened bird pick out carefully scattered papers with numbers on them.
Except we didn't have a bird, so she used my guinea pig. And guinea pigs aren't too smart at taking orders. So after having him stare at the bits of paper for a while she got fed up and decided to go with another well known ancient chinese gambling technique: the throwing of the paper bits onto the guinea pig and decide that the ones that stay on it are winning numbers.
Only 3 bits of paper stayed on the poor confused cavy.
So she repeated this untill she had the right amount of numbers.

No, we didn't win anything.