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Headlines YouTube removes ads from InfoWars’ Alex Jones channel but says it has no plans to delete it


Can you give me some cocaine? I need to get high.
You're clueless. You dont even know what freedom of speech means. Youtube is NOT the Government.
Just because Youtube isn't the government, doesn't mean we can't call out Youtube for taking away monetization. Just because a corporation does something, doesn't mean we can't speak out against it.

Anyway, this was on the front page of Youtube. Fighting fake news my ass.



Everyone ignorant person in the US, yourself included, who talks about freedom of speech always does so in the context of The First Amendment. The First Amendment only applies to protection from the government. It does not apply to restrictions imposed by private individuals or businesses not acting on the behalf of the government. Only in very few situations do the laws address restriction of speech by businesses, one such situation relates to employment laws concerning forming of unions or disclosing salary, this is not one such situation.