Zen of CSS Design [book] released




Our author copies showed up today; the Zen of CSS Design is now an actual book, with real words and pictures and everything. Pretty crazy, really, to see the last six months of work packaged up into a neat ~300 page package.

The good news is that while the author’s copies just showed up, it would appear they were shipped when the books were sent to the distributors. Amazon is sending out shipping notices already, and those who have design work featured in the book have even started receiving their copies. Jon Hicks and Egor Kloos both saw the finished book before I did, in fact (albeit by only a few hours).

This is all I know at the moment, so hold onto the email for now until you hear from whoever you pre-ordered with. Any further communication should be directed their way anyway, since it’s thoroughly and completely out of our hands now. Thanks for your patience, it’s finally happening!

I've been waiting for this for a while now, and thought it might interest a few people here. :thumbsup: